Pao is a good dog. He is discipline and he will sit and wait until I let him eat. He once sat in front of his bawl for 15 minuets because after I served him I took a call and forgot to give him permission. You can imagine how happy and bummed I felt.

Experts say that we can expand the dog’s life if we feed them good food. We are constantly victims of poor dog nutrition and learning some simple things will maximize our dog’s health and lifespan. I learned some relay important stuff about the dog food industry and what is important for Pao’s nutrition from this course (link).

You will be amazed how we are being misled by the commercial dog food industry. Research author, Debra Lynn Dadd, discovered: “Current regulations permit pet food companies to claim their products are nutritionally adequate even when lacking up to 30 essential nutrients”.


Purina published some Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Pet Foods supporting dog meals with gluten and corn, claiming food coloring and food dyes are not risky etc. I don’t know what you think but it doesn’t feel right to me.

In the following PDF pamphlet from the National Academy of Sciences you can learn how much food and what types of food meat’s your real dog needs. Although it is an official scientific paper of dog food and dog nutrition it is articled in layman words that even I can read and understand. Mostly recommended!.

My take? We all have budget and limitations, but a 24 lb of dog food can last several weeks. So even if it will cost twenty bucks more – when it is spread across four weeks, twenty days… I think its worth spending just a little more on the best food for your pooch.

…You can eat now!

Dog food Secrets