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He loves to play and please his family. Pao is a one year old male Australian Shepherd. Everybody loves him and he returns the love with so much joy. But not every day is rosy. Pao is first and foremost a dog and, as such we, his human family, need to train and meet the needs of a dog and human family. Dog Training is a family business! I have a family of three beautiful girls and a loving wife. We are blessed with the opportunity that my wife works from home and Pao gets lots of attention throughout the day. 

We are a family of 5 + 1 dog, 6 fish and 1 Anole (lizard) living in north Chicagoland. Pao is a beautiful red Aussie that joined our pack last year. I am happy to share my experience and thoughts and learn from you. We are dog lovers.

In this blog we will be sharing and recommending things that worked for us and some that didn’t.

Dog Training is not just training your dog. The whole family needs to be behind new habits and behaviors and make sure we are all consistent. What do we need to do to change or break bad habits? This can be taught online by a wonderful guy at the Kingdom of Pets. We all watched the videos and learned tons.

Kingdom Of Pets is a new downloadable program very helpful for people who are looking to train their dogs at home. Who would not love to have a well trained dog who obey every command? Dogs owner with personality knows better that the relatively simple process of training can become a touchstone for their patience. Here are some tricks that can help them live “stick it to” naughtiness of their dog! Daniel Stevens claims that everyone can train their own dog, just depends on how motivated dog owners are to do that.

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